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  • Jelly ED Pack (Viagra Oral Jelly + Cialis Oral Jelly)
    Jelly ED Pack (Viagra Oral Jelly + Cialis Oral Jelly)
    as low as $2.72

    The Jelly ED Pack is a combination of Viagra and Cialis in the convenient jelly formulations.

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  • Janumet
    as low as $3.45

    Janumet is a combination medicine used in the treatment of diabetes.

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  • Januvia
    as low as $4.95

    Januvia is an anti-diabetic medicine that works differently from other medicines to lower blood sugar in 2 ways. It is a once-daily prescription pill that, as part of your type 2 diabetes treatment plan, helps your body increase the insulin made in your pancreas and decrease the sugar made in your liver.

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